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Entrepreneurial-Minded Moms of Faith:  Take your corporate skills online and build a profitable business without feeling overwhelmed or stuck!

Hi, I'm Anita Anello the 

Founder of The Ripple Affect


This is my Story

I spent a big chunk of my career as an Executive in the software business and thought I was happy and satisfied. I have all the credentials and the income that I had built my goals around but once I got to the top of the corporate ladder, I realized I wasn't happy. I kept asking, "Is this it???" "This can't be IT!?"

So I went on a journey...

And on that journey, I discovered I really had a God-sized idea inside of me, as an entrepreneurial-minded Christian Working Mom that I needed to build a profitable business around...

And now I help other Christian Working Moms build their own profitable online businesses, based on their specialized knowledge and a God-sized idea they have inside of them...

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