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To the Christian Working Mom who aches to escape the corporate crush…

Take your corporate skills online and build a thriving business in just 20 hours a week… or less!

You don’t have to keep working 60+ hours a week!

If you want to leave the corporate crush behind and start a business,
or you have a God-sized idea in you for a different kind of work than you’re doing,
but you struggle with carving out (guilt-free) time to turn it into something profitable, or even knowing where to begin…


This message is for you!

Introducing… The SHIFT Master Mind: A Guided Experience
that shows you how to get from where you are right now
into the freedom and flexibility of a business
that gives you the life of your dreams...
WITHOUT sacrificing your family,
your finances…
or your sanity!

Have your hopes and dreams gotten lost in the busyness of your life?

You know the ones I mean. The ones you only bring up on a girls’ weekend over a glass of wine or a steaming hot latte.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to…”

“I always thought that one day I’d…”

“Is this it? This can’t be all there is to life!”

“I just feel like I was meant for more…”

I was right there with you, just a short time ago. I was in a job I HATED. It was a good company. The money was great, and the perks were fantastic.

BUT the environment I was in (read…The Boss) was TOXIC! Working in that situation every day wore me out. It made going to work feel like walking directly into Hell! It turned me into a very grouchy mama when I got home at night. And then there was the Mom guilt.

“Mommy, stay home!” My sweet little ones looked up at me with those sad eyes. It ripped me up!

When you work for someone else full time, you’re on their schedule. You have to leave the house (or go into your home office and close the door) for the entire day, sometimes into the evening.

When the long workday is done, and you’re looking forward to finally spending some time with your kiddos - they’re ready for bed. Another day lost. As the weeks roll by, you think, “This weekend, I’ll spend time with them.”

But something always comes up at work and it never really happens – at least not in the way you were hoping. What is this costing you? Are all the crazy hours, nights and weekends, constant travel, zoom calls, and deadlines to be met worth the lost time and lost opportunities?

This is time you will NEVER GET BACK.

This was my life. And one day I had finally had enough! I’m going to tell you what I did about it, but for now I just want you to know you can…

Step into work you LOVE, with people you enjoy being around. Make real memories with your family instead of dreaming of things that never happen.

You’re talented, and you deserve to be appreciated for what you bring to the table.

Your family deserves to have the best version of you. Why stay in a job you hate? It’s time to move to work you LOVE and start investing in a new YOU!

You are not alone in wanting to work at something you love!

You have probably watched other women who wanted more time with their families happily choose careers in selling products from home – beauty items, cleaning supplies, or home decoration. Or they offer childcare in their homes.

But you know that is not for you. There’s nothing wrong with those options. They are perfect for some people. But they’re not for you. You want to do something with all the years of experience and training that have made you who you are. You don’t want it to go to waste. You don’t want YOU to go to waste.

Many Powerful, Entrepreneurial-Minded, Christian Women feel like they have a bigger mission or call on their lives than what they are living. A God-sized dream. And they want to go after it. But they wonder if they can build a profitable business without sacrificing their current lifestyle, alienating their families, or ruining their health.


"how do i do this?"
"how do i even begin?"


If you struggle with how to take your corporate skills and turn them into a profitable business…Then you’re in the right place!

- FACT: You CAN turn your specialized knowledge (whatever it is) into the thriving, life-giving, business of your dreams! If you have a desire to build a business but have no following, no prospects, no clients, and no idea how to start… Then you’re in the right place!

- FACT: This 6-step personalized blueprint is the perfect roadmap to guide you every step of the way. If you feel fearful, exhausted, and all alone in your deep desire to do something more with this God-sized idea for your life…. Then you’re in the right place!

- FACT: You will find tremendous encouragement (and sometimes a good shove when you need one!) when you join this community of like-minded entrepreneur moms. It will become your lifeline!


You CAN take your Specialized Corporate Knowledge and turn it into the business of your dreams!

I’ll give you the keys to building a PROFITABLE business based on the specialized knowledge you’ve built from your years of corporate experience. So you can live a bigger mission while...

  • enjoying the time and money freedom you’ve always dreamed of having.
  • ​building a following, a client list, and a community that you can serve from anywhere, so you can go on adventures with your family and have the location freedom you desire.
  • ​shifting away from exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm toward feeling energized, alive, and FREE as you leave your mark on the world.

Hi! I’m Anita, and I’m here to help.


My name is Anita, and I was where you might be right now…
I was a successful Software Executive and a Business Owner.
I had the title, the income, the awards, and the accolades for all that I had achieved.
But something was missing, and it gnawed away at me.
There was a God-sized calling inside that I just could not ignore.
I wanted to build a business that utilized all the specialized knowledge I had.
And I was determined to do it WITHOUT...

  • ​settling for a lower income
  • ​losing connection with my husband
  • ​giving up time with my children or my family
  • ​and especially… without sacrificing my sanity!

How I built a Profitable Business around my unique Specialized Knowledge… while homeschooling my kids

(…and now make twice as much money in less than half my previous work time)

I had taken an opportunity to “retire” early from my career as a software executive and homeschool my kids. After about 9 years, though, we were really feeling the squeeze economically, so I began looking into going back to work. I knew I did not want to go back into the tech industry and work a 60-80 hour work week.

So I started an Amazon business. I did all right, but I found it wasn’t really my thing. Then COVID hit and decimated my business, like it did to businesses all over the country. That was exactly the push I needed to dig deeper and find something more suited to who I was, and the season of life I was in. I was terrified to move forward… not even sure what to do first… So I did what I had done before when I was stuck – I went and found a coach and we got to work.

I discovered that, without recognizing it, I had become an accomplished teacher and coach in various areas of my life. When I thought about it, I realized that I love teaching and coaching! It’s where I come alive. I get excited to hear about a problem and to offer a solution for it based on Godly wisdom. Because I see things in a linear fashion, I can often map out a solution on the fly. I love mapping out an unconventional path forward with steps to implement.

Once I saw that was a good path for me, I learned how to provide for my family through coaching, without destroying my marriage and family life with overwork or stressing myself out even more than I already was.

FINALLY, I was able to find joy & peace in my work again! Now I run a profitable online business helping other Entrepreneurial-Minded Christian Women build businesses the same way I did. And I LOVE it… because I know that when I do this, I start a set of ripples that go out to affect others, and they start ripples that affect still others, and on it goes. I love watching the ripples affect person after person. That’s when I smile – because I am living out my God-given design and fulfilling the mission he has for me.


What others are saying about anita

Ann had been a long-time government contractor, but something was missing. She just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. As we worked together, she began to wake up to her God-given talents and let them come to the front. She realized she was an adventurer and musician at heart and began to see new ways to express those interests and talents. She was able to step into a bigger mission teaching music and indulging her love of adventuring in the outdoors. Now, she says, she feels “Alive and awake, for the first time in years” as she pursues her dreams!

Treasa moved from long hours, heavy travel, and little fulfillment in her corporate job to walking out her mission, finding more joy and purpose than she ever dreamed possible. She’s decreased her business travel by 90%, and now works only 40 hours per week instead of 60+! She now says, “I can’t believe I get to do this! I feel so alive!”

Andrea was still reeling after suffering several painful personal losses. In addition, she had recently moved to a new and unfamiliar city. Navigating all the change and loss made it hard for Andrea to see her way forward. What she wanted was to start over again, on her own terms. But she was in a later stage in her life and career and wondered if it was too late for her to make such a shift. As we worked together, I was able to help her identify the specialized knowledge she possessed. She began to see what was possible. Then Andrea turned that into work that she loves, and increased her income by $63,000 a year! “I have learned so much about myself and how to develop valuable personal tools such as goal-setting, decision-making and how to acquire the job that fits my personality and abilities.”

The SHIFT Master Mind: A Guided Experience that shows you how to get from where you are right now into the freedom and flexibility of a business that gives you the life of your dreams...WITHOUT sacrificing your family, your finances… or your sanity!



The Shift Master Mind is 6 weeks of coaching, where you learn and customize a 6-step blueprint designed to help you build a personalized and profitable online business.

Each week we’ll meet in small group format via Zoom to tackle how to:

  • ​IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS: Take your specialized corporate knowledge & turn it into a best-fit business.
  • ATTRACT A FOLLOWING: Use social media to generate leads and draw in your right-fit clients.
  • BUILD A LIST: Convert leads into an email list that is waiting to hear from you.
  • NURTURE YOUR LIST: Create lead magnets and email sequences that serve your people.
  • PRESENT AN OFFER: Develop and present a compelling offer of transformation & breakthrough.
  • SERVE YOUR PEOPLE: Deliver outstanding products and services to people who are ready and willing to benefit from your specialized knowledge and skills.


- Learn how to shift your mindset to what’s possible with God Overcome your fear, frustration, and overwhelm by taking action

- Discover ways to live out your calling

- Connect, encourage, and be encouraged in a community of like-minded Christian Women

If this sounds good to you, here are your next steps:

You must apply to be considered for The Shift Mastermind.

The application process looks like this:

  • ​You schedule a coaching call with me and make a $500.00 (refundable) deposit to hold your spot in the Master Mind if you are accepted.
  • ​I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out so that I can prepare to serve you the best I can.
  • On the call, we’ll discuss your goals and explore ways I can possibly help you.
  • ​If it seems like we’re a good fit and we both believe I’ll be able to help you implement your goals, you’ll be accepted into the Master Mind.
  • ​You pay the remaining balance for this 4-figure program.
  • ​When you join the Master Mind you’ll commit to show up, bring your best self, and do the work to move forward.

Pay for a Call? Anita, why should I pay up front for a call? Here’s Why…

Not everyone will be a good fit for this mastermind…

  • Maybe they’re not an action-taker
  • Maybe they’re not ready or willing to do the hard work involved
  • There are a lot of “tire-kickers” out there (but that’s not you!)
  • ​Sometimes our goals or our personalities just don’t fit

And all of that is OK! This isn’t for everyone. Can we agree that your time is valuable, and mine is too? So we don’t waste each other’s time, I work exclusively with Powerful, Entrepreneurial-Minded Christian Women who are ready to move forward.

Paying for the call puts some skin in the game, so to speak.

It'll let me know you're serious and ready to take action. And you'll get to take a test drive of the kind of coaching you can expect to get from me. 

Try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Go ahead and schedule the call. Let’s talk. If it’s a good fit, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. But if, after the application process, we decide not to work together, you will get your deposit back. In full. No waiting. No hassle. No problem.
The call is risk-free!

Click here to schedule your call


I’ve included some extras to help you succeed!


As an accomplished corporate working mom, you are used to executive-level coaching and well-developed teams, having someone you can check in with to make sure you’re on track or to pick up pieces of knowledge you may be missing.

To give you that type of help, you’ll get these bonuses for no extra charge:

  • One 30-minute Dynamite coaching session. Individual help focused on your unique business ~ [VALUE $10,000]
  • Office Hours Q & A Sessions Get your questions answered so you can move forward ~ [VALUE $4,500]
  • ​Community - support from like-minded working moms of faith! Stay accountable and build relationships ~ [VALUE $12,000]

- A copy of the recorded call from your session. Review, learn, and take action

- Spotlight Segments during Coaching. Allow others to speak life into your business and brainstorm with you

- Recognition for action takers. You’re used to accolades in the corporate world. We have them too!

I’m so sure this will work for you I’m guaranteeing it!


Make the SHIFT! My No Hassle Guarantee!

REFUND OF APPLICATION FEE: If we decide not to move forward together after the interview, you will receive a 100% refund of your application fee. No waiting. No hassle. No problem.

MEMBERSHIP VALUE GUARANTEED: While I am not able to refund the membership price for the Mastermind sessions, I am committed to helping you succeed. Here is my promise to you: If you are accepted and join the Mastermind, participate fully in all the sessions, do the work suggested, and are still not delighted with the value you have received, I want you to contact me directly. Often, there is just a missing puzzle piece that a short conversation or a slight shift can resolve. We will sort it out together.

RESULTS ARE UP TO YOU: Remember that your outcomes will be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond my control and/or knowledge. No income claims or guarantees are being made.

Anita, Why Should I Choose To Work With You?

Here’s the truth about business coaches: Your business life is too valuable to go without coaching. Your time is too valuable to waste by trying to figure everything out on your own. Your family is depending on you to grow a business this year. But which coach should you use? There are so many out there.

Here's why you should work with me:

  • ​I’ve already made and overcome most of the mistakes it takes to figure out a profitable online business, by trial and error – mistakes you are likely to make. ​You don’t have to make those mistakes. I’ll teach you how to avoid them.
  • I’ve invested in tons of courses full of knowledge (that didn’t help me practically move forward, as it turns out) but I did learn how to take action. TAKING ACTION is the #1 most important step! I’ll set you up for action!
  • ​I know how it feels to be stuck and overwhelmed, and I learned that I CAN figure out a solution and begin moving forward again. I’ll help you have the courage to believe in yourself, so you can too!
  • ​I have learned how to escape the trap of working so much extra to build my business that I let it distance me from my husband.  I’ll help you find ways to enjoy time together without guilt or work stress, like my husband and I do!
  • I have learned how to build my dream business without sacrificing time with my kids – and I get to teach them the skill of building their own businesses! I’ll help you with a plan to build your business while raising your kids.
  • ​I know that as women of faith, a godly perspective is critical to the process and to our lives. I have learned that the Holy Spirit often allows me to see right through the confusion to a completely new path forward for you. I’ll offer biblically based principles and Spirit-led wisdom to provide creative solutions you may not be able to imagine for yourself.

I’m invested in YOU personally and what YOU need to get your business rolling.

We will meet each week. I won’t take your money and ghost you.

I am PERSONABLE & REAL… We’re going to get to know each other and work together to build your business. We will have real conversations about your real-life problems and find real-life solutions you can implement.

I am INVESTED in being CONNECTED… Who needs another video training course that doesn’t address your unique roadblocks? And.. who needs another faceless Facebook group where you get lost in the feed?

Can you afford to wait?
WARNING: There IS a cost to Doing Nothing.

That cost looks like this:

  • You remain stuck in your corporate job. Your God-given purpose and calling pass you by. Everybody loses.
  • Frustration and resentment continue to fester. How much longer do you think you can take it?
  • Your marriage continues to deteriorate. You feel like strangers to each other because you don’t have time to connect.
  • You miss field trips, class parties & games. You’re not there for all the “firsts.” Your heart breaks as you go to work while someone else raises your kids.
  • Eventually, the dream of building your own business just fades and dies. You tell yourself, “Oh well. I guess that just wasn’t for me.”

Do you really want to let life keep on passing you by?


  • You could pursue your career while raising your kids?
  • You could work from home 15-20 hours a week and still provide for your family?
  • ​You could continue to cultivate that amazing skillset of yours, using it to help others?

What if going to work no longer brought feelings of guilt?

And you could go through each day feeling confident, focused and relaxed?

If you take action now, you can have what you really want

  • ​You can have the business of your dreams – you’re excited to go to work! And you still have the income to provide for your family – even some extras!
  • You get to be there for your kids’ games, dance recitals, and school events. You simply set your work schedule so you can go!
  • You have time to volunteer at your kids’ school, or at your church. Guess what? They’re in dire need of your skills too!
  • You can say yes when your kids ask “Mom, can we have a family movie night? You have time and energy because you aren’t overworked and stressed out.
  • You sleep peacefully at night. Your life and your work are finally integrated – each with its own place.

To Review:

When you join The SHIFT Master Mind, you get:

1. 6 weeks of personalized coaching to take your specialized corporate knowledge and turn it into a best-fit business

2. A personalized roadmap for building your business using social media, lead magnets and a compelling offer.

3. Mindset training to shift your thinking

4. A community of like-minded Christian Women

Total Value ~ [$50,000]


PLUS you also get these bonuses:

1. One 30-minute individual coaching session ~ [VALUE $10,000]
2. Office Hours ~ [VALUE $4,500]
3. Community - support from like-minded working moms ~ [VALUE $12,000]
4. A copy of the recorded call from your session
5. Spotlight Segments during Coaching
6. Recognition for action takers

The Total Value of this package is almost $80,000. But you can have everything listed above, PLUS peace of mind and more time & money freedom than you have ever known, for only $7,000.00. That’s over 10x the value of your investment!

Now it’s decision time. You have a choice to make. You could… Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all.) You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go?

OR you could…Take a new action and get a new result. Finally overcome feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Take your corporate skills online to build a profitable business and LIVE A BIGGER MISSION. It’s GO TIME!

All it takes is a risk-free investment of $500 for your interview call. If you are accepted and you are ready to commit, pay the rest of the $7,000 total and finally escape the corporate crush, dig into your God-given calling and take back your life!

Don’t wait any longer to step into the bigger mission that God has put on your heart and leave your mark on the world! Take the first step toward a PROFITABLE business based on your unique specialized knowledge today!

I'm cheering for you,

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If you want to leave the corporate crush behind and start a business, or you have a God-sized idea in you for a different kind of work than you’re doing – I'm so glad you're here.

-Anita Anello

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