Hey there,

I'm Anita!

A business owner, coach, successful software executive & mom dedicated to helping fellow women of faith enjoy more time, money, & freedom.

I was where you might be right now…

I had the title, the income, the awards, and the accolades from all that I had achieved. But something was missing, and it gnawed away at me. There was a God-sized calling inside that I just could not ignore. I wanted to build a business that utilized all the specialized knowledge I had. 

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My Story


In the Beginning...

I had taken an opportunity to “retire” early from my career as a software executive and homeschool my kids. After about 9 years, though, we were really feeling the squeeze economically, so I began looking into going back to work. I knew I did not want to go back into the tech industry and work a 60-80 hour work week.

And Then...

So I started an Amazon business. I did all right, but I found it wasn’t really my thing. Then COVID hit and decimated my business, like it did to businesses all over the country. That was exactly the push I needed to dig deeper and find something more suited to who I was, and the season of life I was in. I was terrified to move forward… not even sure what to do first… So I did what I had done before when I was stuck – I went and found a coach and we got to work.



My Breakthrough...

I discovered that, without recognizing it, I had become an accomplished teacher and coach in various areas of my life. When I thought about it, I realized that I love teaching and coaching! It’s where I come alive. I get excited to hear about a problem and to offer a solution for it based on Godly wisdom. Because I see things in a linear fashion, I can often map out a solution on the fly. I love mapping out an unconventional path forward with steps to implement.

Once I saw that was a good path for me, I learned how to provide for my family through coaching, without destroying my marriage and family life with overwork or stressing myself out even more than I already was.

FINALLY, I was able to find joy & peace in my work again!

Now I run a profitable online business helping other Entrepreneurial-Minded Christian Women build businesses the same way I did. And I LOVE it… because I know that when I do this, I start a set of ripples that go out to affect others, and they start ripples that affect still others, and on it goes. I love watching the ripples affect person after person. That’s when I smile – because I am living out my God-given design and fulfilling the mission he has for me.


What I Believe

  • You don't have to settle for a lower income
  • ​Running a ​business doesn't mean losing connection with family
  • You shouldn't have to give up time with your children
  • ​You CAN build a profitable business without sacrificing your sanity
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The truth is,
we're not all that different 

Building a profitable business based off your specialized knowledge DOESN'T take a super genius.

  • I’ve already made and overcome most of the mistakes it takes to figure out a profitable online business, by trial and error – mistakes you are likely to make. ​You don’t have to make those mistakes. ​
  • I know how it feels to be stuck and overwhelmed, and I learned that I CAN figure out a solution and begin moving forward again.
  • I learned how to escape the trap of working so much extra to build my business. I’ll help you find ways to enjoy time together without guilt or work stress, like my husband and I do!
  • ​I ​learned how to build my dream business without sacrificing time with my kids – and I get to teach them the skill of building their own businesses!​

Want to know the 3 Secrets to Build a Profitable Business?

Every Christian Working Woman who wants to succeed in creating an online business can follow these easy, simple, and fast steps to build a profitable business!

Want to know the 3 Secrets to Build a Profitable Business?

Every Christian Working Woman who wants to succeed in creating an online business can follow these easy, simple, and fast steps to build a profitable business!

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If you want to leave the corporate crush behind and start a business, or you have a God-sized idea in you for a different kind of work than you’re doing – I'm so glad you're here.

-Anita Anello

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