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Anita Anello helps corporate women of faith in the tech industry who want to break free of corporate life and develop a consulting business by providing spiritual guidance and support as they transition in a new phase of their career. She offers practical advice and resources to help them establish and grow their consulting business, such as tips for building a client base, setting rates, and finding a healthy work-life balance as they work towards their goal of working 20 hours a week while making 2-3 times their previous income.


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Possible Questions for Podcast Topics:

  • How do we as working women achieve a work-life balance that we’re always told is attainable in the corporate world? We must be diligent in determining our priorities to include both work and family as well as setting healthy boundaries around both important areas of our lives. This idea that we can achieve a healthy work-life balance while working 50+ hours a week is so destructive. So having a supportive community around you is crucial too. I believe that the solution is to build your own business where you are in control of your schedule and your destiny.
  •  With all the demands of raising kids, having a healthy intimate marriage, work demands, and some time for self-care, how do we go about creating a schedule that helps us fit in all in? There are some great tools available to us to use, for instance, Deep Work and Time-Blocking. These can both be great resources to tackle this topic. We really need a strategy and wisdom for how we are going to manage these areas of life in a way that works for each of us as individuals. In my experience, this is not a one-size-fits-all practice.
  • I’m drowning in debt, but really want to leave my 9-5 job, how do I get out of this situation? The best way to move forward is to put together a plan and then execute the plan until completion. Also know that being debt-free is a choice, albeit not a sexy choice, but a freedom choice. In our community, there’s no judgment about where you’re at today. We simply help women of faith move forward. We’re here to help.
  • I’ve built up this lifestyle that I like, how do I switch gears and leave my employer to start my own business without reducing the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to? Click Here to listen to the Financial Freedom Summit where I was a guest speaker.
  • I have the title, money, and accolades, but I’m not happy. What do I do? Or where did I go wrong? I was there! I had risen in the corporate world as a Software Executive but felt like I was on the top of the wrong ladder. I needed to make a Paradigm Shift! Over time, I began to work with a coach and redefine what was really important before it was too late.
  •  It seems like so many “online gurus” talking about making a million dollars overnight… Is that even real, Is that even possible? This is one of those topics that really gets me going and actually makes me kind of mad… in a good way. 😊 I love to talk about ways we can really break down this “Overnight Success” lie and genuinely find ways to help each other effectively communicate our expertise and specialized skill set that leads to success.
  • What are the three most important areas to focus on while building a business? A) Your Mindset - There’s a difference between thinking like an employee and an entrepreneur, and that difference can mean everything. How do I know which one I am?  B) Your Time - I’m already stressed out and crazy busy, how can I find time to start a business on the side?  C) Your Specialized Knowledge - I’m an expert at what I do and now I want to build a consulting business around my expertise. How do I do that?
  • Specialized knowledge – What the heck is specialized knowledge? I’m good at so many things… how do I choose? What can you do that seems so easy to you that it may seem almost silly to think you could get paid for it?
  • Partnership Marketing – I’m afraid of using social media or cold calling to grow a business. How do I get started? Begin by connecting with the people who already know, like, and trust you.
  • Building the list – I’ve heard I need a “List” What is this and how can I start a business without a list? In our community, we use wisdom and connections to help you get started. With a team of cheerleaders around this is not as hard as you may think.
  • Nurturing the List – I don’t know how to make videos and speak to an audience, and you want me to do that daily??? That sounds hard! How do I nurture an audience without burning out? This is such a battle in our minds… how can I show up and serve every day? The secret to nurturing your audience comes through building systems and being yourself… Fully. Every Day. As you serve and bring value to your trusted clients.
  • Creating the Offer – I see these offers on my phone… from tiny offers for a couple of dollars to really expensive ones. What do I do? Whom should I follow? There are lots of great experts in the online space. I think what this really comes down to is asking yourself the question, “What kind of business do I want to build for myself?”
  • I don’t have the awards or testimonials that the “big” named people do. How do I create high-ticket offers? So many people suffer from this “imposter syndrome” or the “Who am I to charge that much?” I think these are really questions of identity and purpose. When I know Who I am, Whose I am, and the Value that I bring to the marketplace, I can’t help but see the value I being to my clients.
  • I don’t feel like I have a supportive group of people in my life but I want to build my own business. Where can a find more than a faceless FB group? We are building a community of Christian Working Moms who want to build businesses based on their specialized knowledge – come join a group of women who will be your cheerleaders, your supporters, and your community! We focus on mindset, being intentional in our relationships, wisdom-filled strategy, the practical & tactical, as well as whom God has made us to be as His daughters.
  • How can I get my hands on the new ebook - The 6-Step Blueprint to Build a Profitable Business, you just published? CLICK HERE for a link to download.
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If you want to leave the corporate crush behind and start a business, or you have a God-sized idea in you for a different kind of work than you’re doing – I'm so glad you're here.

-Anita Anello

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