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3 Secrets to Build a Profitable Business


Take your corporate skills online and build a thriving business in just 20 hours a week… or less!

The SHIFT mini-course


Accelerate your business based on your rock -star specialized knowledge so that you can replace your current income with meaningful work you actually enjoy.

The SHIFT Community Membership Site


The SHIFT Community Membership Site. This community is for like-minded women to find fellowship and accountability as they build their businesses.

The SHIFT Mastermind Interview Call


Hello, I'm so excited to meet with you and serve you well. As part of the application process to join The SHIFT Mastermind, we will meet to see if we are a good fit. I won't know if I can help you until we get a chance to chat and the interview call is required for admittance into the group. In order to prepare for your interview, please: Be on time. Eliminated distractions. Come prepared to be coached. Be willing to have an honest and open discussion. I'm so proud of you for taking the next step forward to find your purpose!