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Successful Corporate Working Moms of Faith:

To the Christian Working Mom who aches to escape the corporate crush...

And Build the Business of YOUR DREAMS!

JOIN NOW as a founding member of the SHIFT Members Community where we are taking our corporate skills online and building thriving, profitable, businesses based on our specialized knowledge in just 20 hours a week... or less!

Join as a FOUDNING member of the SHIFT community now!

Hi, my name is Anita Anello.

You're about to discover the secret of taking your specialized knowledge and turning that into your DREAM business.

By joining NOW this community of Women of Faith who are focused on being Kingdom Entrepreneurs, and building PROFITABLE businesses NOW! we are focused on taking ACTION to build our profitable businesses each week, holding each other accountable, SHIFTING our mindset so that we can have time & money freedom.

We’ve seen members build their profitable businesses and then go buy their dream home, travel in luxury with their families, retire their husbands and so much more.

In this community you’ll learn the steps to:

  • Enjoy the time and money freedom you’ve always dreamed of having. 
  • Build a following, a client list, and a community that you can serve from anywhere, so you can go on adventures with your family and have the location freedom you desire.
  • Shift away from exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm toward feeling energized, alive, and FREE as you leave your mark on the world.
  • ​You can even learn how to 2X, 5X, or 10X your current income in part-time hours... or less!

When you join as a Member of The SHIFT Community you'll learn how to build a Kingdom-based 7-figure businesses together NOW!!!

Successful Corporate Working Women of Faith from all over the country are coming together to support each other as we build our dream businesses based on our specialized knowledge.

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as a founding member, you can join now for only $47 per month

The price for this community will go up!

Take this opportunity now to take advantage of this low, introductory membership price & receive massive value from the start.

Once you join, you'll have access to FREE templates, project plans, and downloads
to help you get your income started. 

What's included in the membership???


Weekly Meet ups focused on Action

We focus on actionable steps based on curated topics relating to building profitable businesses & healthy, productive mindsets.


Like-minded supportive community

We are a community of Faith with supportive women as cheerleaders for you.


Q & A sessions

Members can submit questions to get answers on the spot for you to execute on today.


Realtime strategy to put into to practice NOW! 

With all the economic uncertainty, and the changing market conditions, we focus on what's working today... not 2-4 years ago.


Recognition for action takers

Done is better than perfect. We focus on accountability to build our businesses in an encouraging community. Complainers need not join.


Biblical wisdom for decision-making and mindset

We believe that Biblical wisdom is the foundation of all prosperity and that we are designed to thrive & prosper in all areas of our lives.


What others are saying about Anita

Jenny K.

Jenny K.

“I have known Anita Anello for the past year and have seen her lead and coach through our mastermind. Anita is very responsive, reliable, and an excellent listener. She listens to people and hears what is not being said and really gives incredible, actionable advice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone to coach them and their business to success.”

Melanie C.

“Anita is a really great listener without judgement. By listening intently she sees the patterns that can keep you stuck. She asks really good questions to help you see your own path and is very supportive in helping create a plan to move forward.”

Noelle S.

“I had the privilege of meeting Anita in July of 2022 at a gathering in Spokane, WA. We were able to spend some time together and it wasn’t long before I realized just how passionate she is with her business. If you’ve been around Anita for more than five minutes, you know that she has a heart for other female entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur and woman of faith herself, Anita knows all too well that tug on the heart from the Lord to pursue the calling on her life. She has been called to help other women of faith take their specialized knowledge and use it to build the business of their dreams.

This is fantastic because Anita has been able to do just that in her own life. She understands the sacrifices and the uncertainties of making this kind of decision and can empathize with the struggles, but can also guide you through the process. Anita is a huge fan of community and believes it is extremely important to have people by your side through any season, but especially through life changing transitions.

She's an incredible cheerleader and a wonderful coach. If you have a desire to build a business and need someone to guide you along the way, I recommend reaching out to Anita. She is a kind and loving woman who truly wants to see you live your best life!”

Becky W.

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