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What does it look like to be a Powerful Business-Building Woman of Faith?

Women of faith who use their specialized knowledge to build a business find more time, more money, and more freedom in life.

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Ann had been a long-time government contractor, but something was missing. She just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. As we worked together, she began to wake up to her God-given talents and let them come to the front. She realized she was an adventurer and musician at heart and began to see new ways to express those interests and talents. She was able to step into a bigger mission teaching music and indulging her love of adventuring in the outdoors.

"I feel more Alive and awake, for the first time in years" 

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“I can’t believe I get to do this! I feel so alive!” 

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Treasa moved from long hours, heavy travel, and little fulfillment in her corporate job to walking out her mission, finding more joy and purpose than she ever dreamed possible. She’s decreased her business travel by 90%, and now works only 40 hours per week instead of 60+!

Andrea was still reeling after suffering several painful personal losses. In addition, she had recently moved to a new and unfamiliar city. Navigating all the change and loss made it hard for Andrea to see her way forward. What she wanted was to start over again, on her own terms. But she was in a later stage in her life and career and wondered if it was too late for her to make such a shift. As we worked together, I was able to help her identify the specialized knowledge she possessed. She began to see what was possible. Then Andrea turned that into work that she loves, and increased her income by $63,000 a year!

“I have learned so much about myself and how to develop valuable personal tools such as goal-setting, decision-making and how to acquire the job that fits my personality and abilities.” 

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“Anita has the keen ability to draw the other person out and to help them make progress.” 

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If you want to leave the corporate crush behind and start a business, or you have a God-sized idea in you for a different kind of work than you’re doing – I'm so glad you're here.

-Anita Anello

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