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Mindset Shifting is Going on…Breakthrough is Happening…

Jun 23, 2022

Today I’m celebrating a breakthrough! I’ve been seeking to shift my mindset and it has! And I’ve been pushing forward in new ways in my business and seeing breakthroughs! So how did I do that???

I’ve learned in my walk with God that the best place to start when I want to shift my mindset and see a breakthrough is by talking things out with Him and listening to what He has to say. I have also learned to fall in love with reading His Word and asking the Holy Spirit for insight as I read so I can apply it to my life. In talking things out with God, I can bring Him my authentic self, which is sometimes, raw, ugly, and dark…but I know He can handle it. It also helps in those times when I feel like no one else “gets” me. I know that no matter what God gets me, and I am never too much for Him. At other times, talking just won’t do; crying must be done to pour out the raw emotions I feel. I’ve learned that crying is good for the soul and such a valuable tool in emptying myself out so I can be filled up again. Once the pouring out has been done and I’ve gotten real with myself and with God, I can listen, not for direction, but listening to who He says I am and what He says about me. I can’t say I really grasped this early on in my walk with Jesus, but now I do understand that this connection I have with Him, it all started with a love relationship based on intimacy with Him. The best place to go when I want to shift my mindset, is to start with a conversation with God.

Additionally, there are times, important times, that I spend with my friends, sharing, learning, and relating with one another. I admit, I often think I can do all of life by myself, but I have a couple of people close to me that can see right through that façade and ask, Are you OK? You seem a little off. Wow! Do those times surprise me, mostly because I am reminded that I have people in my life that I can be fully transparent with and they still love me. As I share and be “really real” as I call it, I’ve learned that because they are grounded in their relationship with Jesus, I can share the tough stuff of my thought life and they accept me anyway. I’m truly grateful for these kinds of relationships. Can I just admit, I kind of like to be the “know-it all”, but when I’m willing to lay that down and learn from my wise friends, there’s a humility that comes over me and I can learn from their life experiences too. I’ve also learned that we are not all the same, your story is not my story, but we can still walk shoulder to shoulder relating life with each other for support. The last thing I do, when relating to friends while seeking a breakthrough, is to bring it back to God to confirm what we’re talking about, what plans we’ve come up with, what solutions were offered, and line up with His Word. Friends are so important in the process of shifting my mindset and breakthrough and I always go back to God’s Word to confirm what we’ve talked about.

Lastly, I’ve found great support in working with some life coaches as they help me see my blind spots, create an environment for breakthroughs, and help catapult me way beyond where I can reach on my own. The blind spot “detection” process I’ve gone through with two of my coaches has proven invaluable as they simply bring awareness to an area that by definition, I cannot see…remember because it’s a blind spot 😊. Once I’m aware, we can move forward. It’s a beautiful thing! Then breakthrough starts happening…like all around me and I am able to record in my journal those “a-ha” moments more often. The best part is to celebrate the breakthrough!!! Celebrating your wins and breakthroughs is key to helping convince your mind to keep going. I have found that in working with coaches in life, they don’t just help me get to the next steps, they help catapult me many steps ahead of where I would have been if left to my own devices. While celebrating, I’m also acknowledging the part that God played in all this. He is for me. He wants a breakthrough for me. He wants me to walk in freedom…more than even I want these things. When I acknowledge God, it also tunes me into the bigger picture of what He is doing all around me, and then I can better see how to participate in what He’s doing. You see I’m big on being a good steward to all that God has given me, so I really want to understand what he’s doing and join in. Working with coaches for a breakthrough can take me many steps farther in my growth and breakthrough than I take myself.

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