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Hey Mom’s, are you feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling and working?

homeschooling Jun 23, 2022

Here’s my top 12 tips for finding Freedom & Purpose along the Homeschooling/Working journey!

  1. Find your own family rhythm!
  2. Enlist Dad’s help with reading.
  3. Find ways to have fun in the process.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time.
  5. Seek advise from older, experienced Moms – without guilt.
  6. Find a curriculum that flows with your family, not against it.
  7. Cut back on activities.
  8. Cut back on volunteering.
  9. Prioritize your day.
  10. Let the rest of the worries & stress fall away.
  11. Believe in yourself – you can do this!
  12. Add a menu planning/food service delivery service.


I believe in you!

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