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Being Intentional in Work and Life w/ Anita Anello

dan woerheide from progrowth Jun 23, 2022
Being Intentional in Work & Life

Being intentional in both our work and our lives can feel challenging at times. How do we make purposeful decisions that move us forward in our goals in both aspects? Is it even possible to love both your work and your life?

We’re joined on this episode by special guest, Anita Anello. Anita is a powerful Christian working & homeschooling mom, who helps women of faith find purpose and clarity. She is on a mission to gather a tribe of women who want to have a positive impact in their lives and the lives of their families. She's leading the way by being a disruptor to the “normal path to success” and is an expert in looking for creative ways forward. 

In this episode, Anita shares her story of leaving a successful career, making intentional changes in order to support her goals, and moving into the work of helping women thrive. We also discuss being intentional about how much media we consume, being okay with doing things differently than others, and the importance of trying new things. 

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