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48 Days to Work you Love!

48 days to work you love dan miller Jun 23, 2022

I worked for a long time in the ERP software field, then stayed home full time homeschooling my kids. As they got older, I wanted to go back to work, but had some real specific time requirements. I felt like I could work a ¼ of the time I used to and make about a ¼ of what I used to. I was determined to find this mix.

What I did not want, was another 40+ job that would take me away from home while I continued to homeschool our kids.

At first, I was not sure what I wanted to do…or what I even qualified for. I knew the software technology field moved so fast and it had been more than a couple of years since I stepped out. Every time I looked at job postings online, I felt like there were lots of jobs I qualified for, and that fit the income I was looking to make, but the demands of the full-time schedule were not something I was willing to sacrifice my family for…so I kept looking.

I started looking at personality profiles to see what I was even interested in and was excited to find out that the careers and jobs I had previously done so well at were a great fit for me. That was exciting.

Eventually, I stumbled on the 48 Days to the work you love book. I had actually purchased it to re-sell in my Amazon business. Then Covid hit, and I thought, why don’t I take the time to read through this….it was like an idea that kept coming up and I couldn’t shake. So I pulled it from my Amazon inventory and began to read through it.

At first, I thought 48 Days…what’s the rush…but then I really started to devour it. The concepts the book was talking about were shifting my mindset. I started to dream big again and ideas began pouring in. In my career, I had spent a good amount of time teaching others and of course, I had been teaching my kids at home so I thought, maybe I could teach this material.

I finished the book, which lead me to read some other books, and then I started to realize, that it was time to invest in myself. I had invested a great deal of time in helping my kids and my husband, friends, and family in helping to see how God had made them and what they were good at, but I knew it was time to invest that same effort in myself.

Then one day, in particular, my husband and I were sitting out back talking with a friend that was in a job she didn’t really care for. I mean the job was ok, but the commute was killing her. We talked through options and helped her strategize about crafting some emails and framing some conversations with both her existing employer and a possible new employer. As the conversation was winding down she said to me, “You know you really should consider life coaching, you’re really good at this.”

This thought struck me and I started to chat about it with my family and realized this is something I was already doing and something I was really interested in doing…helping others find their passions too.

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